Our aim is  collaborate on energy strategies for design or renovating houses through planning, implementing and financing.


Skills and Competences constantly improving on energy field and design:

- energy audit concerning both Municipality,  industrial and private sectors. 

- Design of energy efficiency measures.

- Management and maintenance of plants. The team presents a deep expertice about renewable energy source, heating and ventilation systems.

- Feasibility study:  economic and fiscal incentives and facilitations analysis, as well as managing practices related to the field of energy. Thanks to International, National and Regional funding opportunities we can suggest to our customers the most suitable measures to reduce energy costs and the environmental impact of buildings.

- Consultancy for design and development of a new product for energy conservation and for better indoor air quality in buildings.

- Training services in energy field, by teaching, but also through research and development of new technologies, processes and services. 

We complete our competences and skills with those of other complementary Companies to provide our customers with a complete panel of services in order to improved efficiency in energy and environmental sustainability.





Expertise, passion and inventiveness.


Thanks to our consolidated scientific background in constant upgrade, we identified innovative design solutions that are efficient in both technical, organizational and regulatory terms.

We have experience in support in seeking funding for energy efficiency interventions such as Energy Efficiency Certificates (White Certificates) which Sistene is authorized to acquire and manage.

Our company is ready to support you in the energy audit procedure according to the Legislative Decree no. 102/2014 both in civil and in industrial sector.

Our team has several accredited expert:

Expert in Energy management (EGE)

Energy certifier 

Architect and engineer 





She had the Doctorate in Technology of Architecture (2004) and Master degree in Architecture (2000) at the University of Ferrara. Since 2006 works as architect with a bureau in Modena (I). In 2009 she had the qualification as Certifier for the energetic labelling of buildings and in 2015 she became an Accredited Energy Manager, qualified to conduct Energy Audits according to EN 16247 series of standards. She is active member of many Italian (UNI and CTI) and European (CEN TC 156 – WG2) standardization working groups mainly about ventilation for buildings. In fact she is still working with the European WG for the developing and revision of several standards (eg. UNI 10339, UNI 8199,...). She teaches in professional training courses and she has produced more than 60 papers. In October 2010 was published by Delfino Editor her first book about ventilation in residential buildings.





Graduated in Mechanical Engineering at University of Padova (Italy), post-graduated in Cryogenics at Southampton University (UK). Initially researcher at Laboratory for Refrigeration Technology of CNR, Padova, since 1986 full professor of Thermal Systems at the Faculty of Engineering, Padova. Member of the academic staff of the PhD school in Industrial Engineering, member of Commission E2 (Heat Pumps and Energy Recovery) of the International Institute of Refrigeration, and CT 241 (Air Conditioning Systems) of CTI. Working in several Standard Committees within UNI and CEN , with particular reference to indoor environmental quality and energy use in buildings.  The research activity is mainly concerned with HVAC, indoor environmental quality, energy conservation, energy audit and acoustics and is documented by numerous papers and conference proceedings at national and international level. Currently conducting design and consultancy activity in the field of HVAC, energy efficiency, renewable and acoustics.








download (2)Master of architecture with a final thesis on the redevelopment of residential buildings with particular reference to energy performance. He graduated in 2007 at IUAV (Architecture University of Venice). Since 2007, he works as architect with local firms based in Venice and Padua (Italy) and since 2008 he works in energy efficiency field. Cofounder and administrator of Sistene E.S.CO., with the role of Project management and energy audit mainly in projects of energy efficiency and renewable. He teaches about energy retrofit, incentives and obligations in terms of energy saving and energy production from renewable sources. 

He is the BeBOP Project designer.





Customer services to sustainable development.


Sistene E.S.CO. offers custom services and solutions to meet the specific needs of all of its clients. We address to construction companies, property owners and to all who through them want to improve the energy performance and comfort of a building, this is already built, under construction or design.  Agri-forestry Public Authorities    Industry

Minimize fixed costs is the best method to achieve a substantial saving in the company. 

Thanks to planned interventions and tailored for your company.








List of relevant previous projects and activities

2012-2016 – Customer: ETRA SpA –  Design of the thermal recovery of exhausted gas of three biogas co-generator for the production of water steam necessary for the treatment of bio-waste.

2011-2015 – Customer: CelenitS.p.A – -Energy audit for the industrial site and  the office buildings, included analysis of the energy potential of biomass by-product. After the audit, the owner decided to accomplish some of the actions suggested in order to improve the energy efficiency of the buildings and save both energy and costs. Currently a photovoltaic plant and an energy recovery system from air compressors have been completed. The owner is evaluating with Sistene E.S.CO. some ways to reuse production waste (Celenit produces wood fiber insulating materials) and biomass by-product.

2013-2015 – Customer: Thesan S.p.A. –  Consultancy for the design and development of a new product for energy conservation and a better indoor air quality in buildings. Currently the new product has been tested at TUV Munich Laboratories and is ready to be sold in some European and Asian markets. It’s name is “Aircare ES”.

2012-2013 – Customer: Salgaim ecologic SpAETRA SpA –Energy audit for the energy thermal recovery of exhaust gas of an industrial plant dealing with slaughter waste

The Sistene E.S.CO. activities is not only plant design, but also concerning the building envelope, such as the rank of thermal insulation or the solar radiation control.


Sistene E.S.CO. is part of Adnova, the new corporate network created to provide high-performance and innovative technical solutions of energy efficiency for home and business.